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Choose dual education! Choose German Vocational School Alba and I.D. Lăzărescu Technical College in Cugir

The Alba German Vocational School is inaugurated in September 2013, operating in a building belonging to “Alexandru Domșa” Technical College. In this particular school year, 109 students attended the courses of the German Vocational School in one of the specializations: modeler and electromechanic for industrial equipment and installations, followed by CNC operator.

The desire to improve continuously guided our steps towards the dual education system, with whom we partner since the beginning. Today, we support dual education in centers such as Alba Iulia, Cugir and, in the near future, Sebes.

In 2019 we started the collaboration with the I.D. Lăzărescu Technical College in Cugir, for the qualifications of CNC operator and electromechanic for industrial equipment and installations.

“We manage successfully vocational training centers in both our locations, where we offer to pupils the best conditions for practical training and learning. With our support, the young students of the dual school have the opportunity to experience working in a multinational automotive company and have direct access to state-of-the-art technology and practical training with professionals. Upon graduation of the three-year program, our students can continue their professional path by opting for a position in our companies. I encourage anyone who wants to pursue a career in the technical field to benefit from the advantages of the dual school program! In return, we will take care of the professional growth of the young.,” says Gheorghe Achim, general manager of Star Transmission and Star Assembly.

What you need to know:
Star Assembly and Star Transmission offer real employment opportunities to pupils, through practical learning stages given by top specialists in the field, in a modern enclosure.
If you have the desire to learn and build a career in our companies, here are some of the advantages you need to know:

• You can benefit from a monthly scholarship of 400 RON – 200 RON from the company and 200 RON from the Romanian state.
• We have renovated learning spaces and laboratories that dispose of modern equipment. Therefore, you have the opportunity to put theory into practice and get a more efficient transition from school to the work environment.
• We prepare you for the labor market and offer you real employment opportunities after graduation. All you need is passion, perseverance and commitment. Good results and positive feedback will follow.
• You will be under the continuous supervision and guidance of company specialists.
• As we want you to develop continuously, we also offer you the possibility to continue your studies to obtain a baccalaureate degree!

Learn and start your career with us!

Three-year study program:
• Year 1: 80% theory and 20% practice.
• Year 2: 26% theory and 74% practice.
• Year 3: 25% theory and 75% practice.

Educational offer for the school year 2021 – 2022:
39 seats at the German Vocational School Alba Iulia:
– 25 seats – Electromechanic for industrial machinery and installations.
– 25 seats – CNC operator.

45 seats at I.D. Lăzărescu Cugir Technical College:
– 30 seats – CNC operator.
– 15 seats – Electromechanic for industrial machinery and installations.

25 seats at Technological High School Sebes:
– 12 seats – Electromechanical machinery and industrial installations.
– 13 seats – Subassembly mounter operator.

45 seats at I.D. Lăzărescu Cugir Technical College:
– 30 seats – CNC operator.
– 15 seats – Electromechanic for industrial machinery and installations.

July 5-14 – First candidate enrollment session.
July 14 – Publication of the list of candidates enrolled.

July 30 – August 3, 2021 – Second enrollment session.
August 3, 2021 – Stage II admissions to dual education.