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Choose Dual education: Choose the German Vocational School Alba Iulia and the College I.D. Lăzărescu Cugir

About us:
In September 2013, the inauguration of the Alba German Vocational School took place, which operates in a building of the “Alexandru Domșa” Technical College. This school year, 109 students attended the courses of the German Vocational School in one of the specializations: modeling and electromechanical industrial equipment and installations, later I added the specialization CNC Operator.
From 2019 we started the collaboration with the Technical College I. D. Lăzărescu from Cugir with the following qualifications: CNC Operator and Electromechanic of industrial equipment and installations.

Monthly scholarship of 400 lei (200 lei from economic agents + 200 lei from the Romanian state);
Practical training (special emphasis);
Priority at employment (after graduation);
Job in multinational companies;
Diploma recognized at European level;
Jobs sought in the labor market.

What you need to know:
Star Assembly and Star Transmission offer real employment opportunities to students, through practical learning internships from the best specialists in the field, in a modern space! If you want to learn and build a professional career in our companies, then here are the advantages:
* You can benefit from a monthly scholarship of 400 RON – 200 RON from us and 200 RON from the Romanian state. We call this “being paid to learn” and consider it a great advantage for passionate students.

* We have renovated learning spaces and laboratories equipped with modern equipment! In this way, you have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned and to go through a more efficient transition from school to work.

* We prepare you for the labor market and offer you real employment opportunities after graduation. You just have to be passionate, persevering and involved. Good results and positive feedback come with them
Because we want you to develop continuously, we also offer you the possibility to continue your studies to obtain a baccalaureate degree!

Students are under the continuous supervision and guidance of partner companies.
There is the possibility to continue studies to obtain a baccalaureate degree.

The school offer for the year 2020-2021 consists of:
50 places at Alexandru Domsa Technical High School
Electromechanical industrial machinery and installations – 25 seats.
CNC operator – 25 seats

45 places at the I.D. Lazarescu Cugir Technical College
CNC operator – 30 seats
Electromechanical industrial machinery and installations – 15 seats

June 29 – July 3, July 6 The first registration session for candidates
July 6 – Display of the list of candidates enrolled in dual education

July 22 – July 24 The second registration session for the candidates
July 24 – Display of the list of candidates enrolled in dual education