Can I complete at anytime a traineeship at STC / STA? Are there any deadlines?
Yes, the beginning of the traineeship is usually variable and does not depend on the semester dates. And yes, we kindly ask you to apply at least 4-6 months before.

Which are the departments where I can complete my traineeship?
You can complete your traineeship in the following departments: quality control, financial, IT, logistics and technical. In order to find out more about our current traineeship programs, please contact the colleagues from the Human Resources Department or please write us to the following address: recrutare@stcu.ro.

I am interested in more jobs. Is it enough to apply once for all of them?
Yes, please create your candidate profile only once in our job portal. With the help of your online profile, you can comfortably apply for other jobs too.

How do I apply at STC / STA?
Through the job portal. Application is carried out with a few clicks, easily and fast. Please send us a complete documentation for your application (for example certificates attesting internships, graduation diploma).

How long after sending my application could I start to work or to be in the first day of internship?
It depends on the job and on the department. In general, employment will begin a few weeks after application. For an internship, it is recommended to apply 4-6 months in advance.

What does STC/STA offer in terms of professional training?
There are numerous professional training opportunities, both locally and in Germany, at the parent company, Daimler AG. And this is because we want you to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

What kind of jobs does STC/STA offer?
At STC/STA we have a variety of career opportunities: from the commercial area to the technical support departments or positions. You can find out what positions are available by visiting the Careers Portal on our website. Enter now! It is definitely worth it!

Does STC/STA offer training programs for young graduates?
No – all employees are hired full-time. They are entirely responsible from the first day of work and are often involved in international activities and projects. Additionally, by our system of rotation on jobs and corporate philosophy, the professional and personal development opportunities become fully challenging.