Prime Minister Orban, visiting the Star Assembly production unit

Starting with April 21, 2020, the companies Star Transmission and Star Assembly, Mercedes-Benz subsidiaries in Romania, have gradually resumed their production activity.

Star Assembly, Sebeș: Prime Minister Ludovic Orban was today, May 15, 2020, visiting the Star Assembly production unit, the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Sebeș.

The visit was also attended by Ms. Raluca Turcan, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Lucian Bode, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, Mr. Virgil Popescu, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Mr. Ion Stefan, Minister of Public Works, Development and Administration and Mr. Ionel Ciucă, Minister of National Defense, as well as representatives of the public authorities in the county.
Starting with April 21, the companies Star Transmission and Star Assembly, Mercedes-Benz subsidiaries in Romania, gradually resumed their production activity. On this occasion, the Prime Minister visited the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox assembly line, the newest product in the Mercedes-Benz transmission portfolio.

“Together with the Cugir factory, we play an important role in the delivery of state-of-the-art components and transmissions worldwide. After a severe shutdown of operations, caused by the new coronavirus, the Mercedes-Benz production units in Sebeș and Cugir gradually resumed their activity starting with April 21st. We have prepared intensively for the team to return to work, with the sole purpose of making the team feel better protected in the company than outside it “, said Klaus Eichhorn, general manager of Star Transmission and Star Assembly.
Ludovic Orban, Prime Minister of Romania: “The Daimler Group has made an investment of great importance in Alba County, with an economic and social impact on the area, through investments in Cugir, in the first phase and later in Sebeș. They have developed modern production capacities, extremely efficient and competitive, with well-trained and disciplined employees. We support the automotive industry, we support investors who have developed production capacities. It is an industry that creates well-paid jobs and guarantees a secure future for all those working in the automotive industry, such as Star Assembly and Star Transmission. ”

About Star Transmission & Star Assembly
Star Assembly and Star Transmission, Mercedes-Benz AG companies, are key pillars in the global Mercedes-Benz Cars powertrain production network and currently employs approximately 3,000 people. The Star Assembly assembles eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearboxes as well as nine-speed transmissions for Mercedes-Benz. The Star Transmission headquarters produces gears, mechanically machined components for engines, transmissions, high-pressure pipes and steering systems. In addition, the Technology Center operates here, as well as a training space. With the support of the Romanian Government, Star Transmission is one of the first companies in Romania to offer a dual education system, based on the Baden-Württemberg model.

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