Visitor Record Number at the Long Night of Industry 2018

Thursday, May 10th, the most anticipated event of the year in the Romanian automotive industry took place – the two Daimler subsidiaries in Romania, Star Transmission Cugir and the Star Assembly Sebeş opened their doors at 5 pm on the occasion of the Long Night of Industry event.

The organizers have promised to keep up the standard of previous years, so over 5,000 adults and children have passed the Mercedes-Benz component and subassembly manufacturing company’s doors this year.

Visitors had the opportunity to track the production process in real time, interact with Daimler Romania members, learn about the Center for Vocational Training and human resource development programs as well as the performance criteria of a Star Transmission and Star Assembly employee . In addition, each guest room has been waiting for Mercedes-Benz car shows, surprise prizes, technology presentations and other interactive activities.

It was also the soul part of this event, the social responsibility campaign that gathered a lot of people willing to peddle for charity. Following the campaign on the company’s Facebook page, € 10,000 will be donated to the area that has won the most votes.

“We are proud to organize a new edition of the Long Night of Industry event, demonstrating once again the impact of Daimler’s presence in Romania for over 20 years. This event is already in the fourth edition and we are very proud to see that more and more people are participating each year and at the same time show appreciation for our work. This is the momentum we need to continue opening our visitors’ gates year after year. People are the backbone of the whole business, and when we say Star Transmission and Star Assembly, we say people, cars and industrialized processes that work in perfect balance. We have been growing for over 17 years and it is very satisfying that families and friends can experience what their relatives are doing here day by day. “says the organizers.

Star Transmission, Star Assembly are the two Daimler subsidiaries in Romania and currently have over 3,000 employees. The Cugir series produces components for Mercedes-Benz engines and gearboxes, prototypes and devices, while Sebeş is assembled with automatic gearboxes in five, seven and nine steps.

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