Changes in the management of Daimler’s Romanian subsidiaries, Star Transmission and Star Assembly

Changes in the management of Daimler’s Romanian subsidiaries, Star Transmission and Star Assembly
Klaus Eichhorn, now Director of SUV Quality Management at the Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa Production Unit (USA), will take over from 1 September 2018 the management of Daimler Star Transmission and Star Assembly.

Klaus Eichhorn succeeds the current General Manager, Falk Pruscha, who since 2015 has run the two Sebeş and Cugir locations.

Falk Pruscha will return to Stuttgart, where he will take over the leadership of the Motors Manufacturing Division within the Powertrain Division of Machine Production.

Klaus Eichhorn, currently in charge of the SUV division of the Daimler production unit in Tuscaloosa, will take over as Daimler AG Star Transmission and Star Assembly subsidiary as of 1 September 2018. The relay will be handed over by the current CEO, Falk Pruscha, who will also take over the position of Engine Manufacturing Manager at the Mercedes-Benz Machinery Powertrain production network in Stuttgart, Germany.
Falk Pruscha began his career at Daimler AG in the Quality Management department of Rastatt. Since then, he has held various management positions in the Quality and Production Management departments of South Africa Concern, Hambach and Untertürkheim. In 2015, he took over Star Transmission and Star Assembly in Romania. In this position, he was responsible for the successful launch of 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission, with Sebeş and Cugir locations becoming complementary to gearbox production within the global Powertrain production network. Thus, a significant step has been taken in increasing the flexibility of this division of Mercedes-Benz Machinery.

Klaus Eichhorn will respond in his new position both to the two production units at Sebes and Cugir and to the takeover of the rudder as General Manager. Following their assumption of responsibility in the Production Planning Area, Klaus Eichhorn followed positions in the Assembly and Logistics at the Tuscaloosa and Sindelfingen locations. From 2015, he holds the position of Quality Manager of Tuscaloosa, USA, for the GLE, GLS, GLE Coupé and Class C models. Meanwhile, the perception of the quality of Concern products in markets such as the US, China and the European Union has been significantly improved, and Quality Management functions have been implemented in the US for all of the series models.

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Directors of the Mercedes-Benz Division Machines: “I thank Mr Falk Pruscha and Klaus Eichhorn for the exemplary and result-oriented work ethics they have shown so far. I wish them both in the professional way and very successful in the coming challenges. ”

Falk Pruscha, Star Transmission & Star Assembly CEO: “It is an honor for me to lead the global motor manufacturing network in the future. I am very happy for these new responsibilities and I am curious about the challenges that will emerge with them. , I am sorry to leave my team in Romania from STC and STA. Throughout my term here, I have come to greatly appreciate the teamwork and the dedication of my colleagues and, of course, I will miss them, I wish to my successor Mr Klaus Eichhorn all the best for the future and I am sure that, just as my colleagues have supported me fully in my work, they will do so with Mr. Eichhorn. I can only congratulate him for his new team: one of the best Daimler teams in the world! “.

About Star Transmission and Star Assembly
As Daimler subsidiaries in Romania, with over 3000 employees now, Star Transmission and Star Assembly are major pillars of the global Powertrain production for Mercedes-Benz Cars. La Cugir (Star Transmission), series of engine and gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz cars, prototypes and devices are produced, while Sebeş is assembled with five-, seven- and nine-speed automatic gearboxes. Thanks to a close partnership with the authorities in Alba County, Star Transmission is a partner of Alba Iulia’s German Duale School, founded in 2013, based on the German model in Baden-Württemberg.

About the Powertrain production network Mercedes-Benz Machinery Division
The Powertrain network The Mercedes-Benz Machinery Division comprises both locations both in Germany and international, headed by the factory in Untertürkheim, Germany. Here are engine products, gearboxes, axles and components. The main activity of the Mercedes-Benz location in Berlin is the development and production of state-of-the-art components and parts as well as the production of engines. Mercedes-Benz Hamburg develops and produces axles and components for axles, steering columns, components for exhaust technology, low weight structural components as well as e-mobility components. The Kölleda MDC Power Engine Factory is a 100% Daimler company and produces four-cylinder engines for the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG. At international level there are other production capacities within the Powertrain. This plan also includes the Daimler subsidiaries in Romania, Star Sebeş and Star Transmission Cugir, for gearbox assembly and the production of components and parts for transmissions and motors. In Beijing (China), following a joint venture, BBAC engines are produced for local market demand. As part of the strategic cooperation between Daimler and the Renault / Nissan alliance, four-cylinder gasoline engines for Mercedes-Benz vehicles are being built at the Decherd (Tennessee) American location.
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