Professional development


People are the engine of our work, which is why we take great care of the well-being of our employees, and we strive to create an excellent working environment for them, supporting them in both professional and personal development.

Their development is a top priority for us. Regular training, english and german courses and promoting an organizational culture oriented towards collaboration, transparency, feedback and integrity are essential. We are proud to form a tenacious team, motivated and united by a strong goal: to offer the best products at the best quality. We are also successfully implementing talent development strategies within our company, through programs such as the foremen’s school or Star Academy, programs that are focusing on training tomorrow’s leaders.

The STC STA Foremen School is a program designed to cover the need for foremen in the company and is dedicated to motivated and talented employees that are motivated and talented.

Other programs dedicated to employee development are the training center at Cugir, qualifications of operator CNC – CE NE CE and electromechanics, internships for students, summer technical school, obtaining qualification as continuous improvement manager, MPS specialist certification and certifications of electrical specialists for high voltage technologies.