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2016 is a massively important year in the history of the two Romanian Daimler subsidiaries.
April 4th 2016: Daimler launches production of the 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission in Sebes in Romania and is thereby expanding its transmission-manufacturing capacity.

“With the expansion of transmission production in Sebes, we are able to respond more flexibly and efficiently to the growing demand for automatic transmissions. The development of our transmission production in Romania is an ideal addition to our global powertrain production network with its lead plant in Untertürkheim,” said Markus Schäfer, member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.

Daimler is investing a total of more than 300 million euros in the expansion of capacity and is creating around 1.000 additional jobs at its Romanian subsidiary Star Assembly. The new production area covers the size of around ten football pitches. Some 500 kilometers of cables and 5.000 tons of metal went into its construction.

Costin Borc, Romanian vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, attended the official launch ceremony: “Today’s start of production, together with the associated investment in the site in Sebes, offers excellent future prospects for the region. We are thus writing another chapter in the success story of cooperation between Daimler and Romania as a production location,” Borc said.

Daimler currently employs over 1.800 people at the two sites operated by its Romanian subsidiaries Star Transmission and Star Assembly.
Mercedes-Benz manufactures automatic transmissions in a flexibly integrated production network in which Untertürkheim is the leadplant, with transmissions being assembled in Romania. The employees at the Romanian subsidiary were trained intensively in all assembly processes for several months as part of a qualification program at the transmission production facility in site Untertürkheim.

15 years of existence of Star Transmission overall hits another milestone in its course of development, with a new investment for the production of high-pressure pipes for Mercedes-Benz cars. More precisely, on August 18 2016, Star Transmission continues its development strategy by opening a new production facility in Cugir. Over 150 new employees produce, in the perfectly suited working premises, high-pressure pipelines for gasoline engines.
The new factory in Cugir has a surface area of 4,000 square meters, thought only for the production of high-pressure pipelines for Mercedes-Benz petrol engines. The total investment amounts to 13 million euro and Star Transmission will be the sole supplier of this line. The production line is partly automated and 17 different types of pipes are produced here, which will be mounted later on 5 types of engines.
High-pressure pipelines connect the injection pump to the injector without any loss of pressure. The pipes are intensely stressed during the operation, both due to high fuel pressure and the high frequency of fuel injections.

The Company focuses on the optimal training of its employees, and this is the reason why some of the new employees received specialist training for about six months at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin, where the project has been carried out until now. During the training in Germany, the employees specialized in the production of high-pressure pipelines, key elements of the engine, and learned from their fellow Germans the working techniques and methods that ensured their success. In this way, we ensure that the high Mercedes-Benz standards of quality on production processes are complied with, regardless of the production location.